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Introduction of Tenant

On our finding a Tenant, directly or indirectly, who is acceptable to you or whom you have given us authority to accept on your behalf and who completes a Tenancy Agreement, our commission will be charged at the rate of 11% of the gross rental due for the entire agreed term reserved under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, plus VAT @ 20% payable wholly in advance (with a minimum charge of £500 plus VAT), ignoring any options to terminate by either party.  Such fee to be paid on the commencement of the Tenancy.   Should a Tenancy be for a number of years Fox Gregory would be agreeable to taking their fee in advance by annual instalments.  Any subsequent extension, renewal or continuation of the Tenancy thereof will be charged at the same rate.  In the event of a third party (being a person or body corporate) associated with the Tenant or occupant entering into a subsequent Tenancy Agreement without there being existing any intervening tenancy, then a fee of 10% shall also be payable.

The aforementioned fees are payable regardless of whether the tenancy or the renewal was negotiated or arranged by us. In the event of a sale or transfer of Landlord you will remain liable for our agreed commission until the new standing Landlord has entered into an agreement with Fox Gregory. It is hereby agreed that Fox Gregory will be appointed as the SOLE AGENT for re-letting the property for an 8-week period which will deem to have commenced 6 weeks prior to the determination of the tenancy howsoever arrived.

The services included in this fee are as follows:

(a)    A comprehensive marketing campaign will be undertaken.

(b)    Introduction of Tenant.

(c)    Obtaining financial and personal references as required but not including any charges for company investigations and without accepting responsibility for the credit worthiness of prospective Tenants.  Landlords must satisfy themselves as to the suitability of Tenants.

(d)   Prepare the Tenancy Agreement, unless otherwise instructed and thereafter supervise and co-ordinate the documentation until such time as the agreement has been signed and an exchange has been effected.  If requested we will arrange for the Agreement to be officially stamped.

(e)   A deposit of six weeks rental will be taken and held by us under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme against possible dilapidations and unpaid rental in a separate Client Account.

(f)   To arrange for the rent to be paid monthly/quarterly in advance and to account to the landlord as soon as the funds have been cleared by our Bankers.

(g)   Make arrangements for a specialist firm to prepare an Inventory prior to the commencement of tenancy and arrange for the inventory check-out at the end of the tenancy unless otherwise instructed.


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