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An additional fee equal to 5% of the gross rental due for the entire agreed term reserved under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, plus VAT @ 20% to include any renewal or extension thereof.  Such fee to be paid on the commencement of the Tenancy.  Included within our Management Services are:

To carry out all running repairs that may become necessary as reported to us by the Tenant up to a limit of £200.00, provided sufficient funds are available in the Client’s designated reserve fund.  Any repairs in excess of this amount to be referred to the Landlord for authorisation EXCEPT in the case of emergency.

The inspection of your premises twice per annum when instructed in writing.

Payment of re-occurring accounts and outgoings such as water rates, ground rents, insurance premiums, utilities between Tenancies etc., where instructed.  In all cases, your written instructions for demands to be forwarded to you care of these offices for payment should be sent to the appropriate parties with copies for our files.  We will arrange for payment to be made from the Client’s designated reserve fund.

The transfer of utility accounts from an out-going Tenants’ name into the name of the Landlord between Tenancies to avoid disconnection and subsequent re-connection charges and delays, and informing the appropriate Borough Council of the new Tenant(s) details for Council Tax purposes.

If required, we can instigate insurance claims where applicable, provided that the necessary information is to hand at the time of the claim.  We will be entitled to a fee equal to 10% of any one claim, which exceeds £1000, which we successfully conclude on your behalf.

Provided that we hold the deposit, any dilapidations recorded on inventory check-outs can be attended to and the charges incurred debited from the deposit, so that the property can be restored to its former condition with the minimum of delay, ready to conduct prospective new Tenants around.

Except in cases where the Landlord intends to re-occupy the accommodation and where special arrangements are made, our appointment is for an agreed period of the Tenancy Agreement or extensions thereof, thereafter subject to three months notice to terminate on either side.

If any major problems occur, we will arrange at the landlord’s expense, for a surveyor to inspect and submit a report thereafter, if authorised, to supervise any works considered necessary.

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